Open Flame Pizza Oven

Why We Chose an Open Flame Fire Deck Oven

Hot, hot, hot! That’s what our open flame oven is. And that’s what makes Gio’s pizza taste like what you’d find in Italy.

We follow the Italian tradition of great pizza making. All of our pizza is hand tossed and baked in a Wood Stone “open flame” fire deck oven at 600 degrees. We make our dough from “00” flour, which is milled specifically to cook at the high temperatures of our authentic Italian style oven. When you walk into Gio Italian Grill, you can’t help but notice the warm flames dancing behind the arch of our pizza oven. It is the centerpiece of our restaurant and testament to the authenticity of our pizza. It gives our pizza its signature Gio crust, with just the perfect amount of crunch and chewiness…and bakes it to golden perfection.

The Open Flame Oven

Before proprietors Tony and Giovanna DiMaio opened Gio, they researched the best in Italian cuisine by visiting Italy, where Tony interned with local chefs at a historic restaurant in the heart of Palermo, Sicily. After studying beside true pizzaiolo, Tony began his search for the highest quality brick oven to duplicate the old-world style of cooking. Wood Stone, an “open flame” hearth, was chosen to produce consistent, mouthwatering, authentic pizza.

About Wood Stone

Wood Stone Corporation has more than 13,000 installations in over 75 countries around the world. Wood Stone built its reputation on their family of stone hearth ovens. Their ovens are chosen by pizzaiolos the world over. It is another essential piece of the equation that helps us  serve a superior pizza!
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