Open Flame Pizza Oven

Why We Chose an Open Flame Fire Deck Oven

Hot, hot, hot! That’s what our open flame oven is. And that’s what makes Gio’s pizza taste like what you’d find in Italy.

We follow the Italian tradition of great pizza making. All of our pizza is hand tossed and baked in a Wood Stone “open flame” fire deck oven at 600 degrees. We make our dough from “00” flour, which is milled specifically to cook at the high temperatures of our authentic Italian style oven. When you walk into Gio Italian Grill, you can’t help but notice the warm flames dancing behind the arch of our pizza oven. It is the centerpiece of our restaurant and testament to the authenticity of our pizza. It gives our pizza its signature Gio crust, with just the perfect amount of crunch and chewiness…and bakes it to golden perfection.

The Open Flame Oven

Before proprietors Tony and Giovanna DiMaio opened Gio, they researched the best in Italian cuisine by visiting Italy, where Tony interned with local chefs at a historic restaurant in the heart of Palermo, Sicily. After studying beside true pizzaiolo, Tony began his search for the highest quality brick oven to duplicate the old-world style of cooking. Wood Stone, an “open flame” hearth, was chosen to produce consistent, mouthwatering, authentic pizza.

About Wood Stone

Wood Stone Corporation has more than 13,000 installations in over 75 countries around the world. Wood Stone built its reputation on their family of stone hearth ovens. Their ovens are chosen by pizzaiolos the world over. It is another essential piece of the equation that helps us  serve a superior pizza!
Authentic Italian pizza dough

Authentic Italian Pizza Made with Imported 00 Flour

We make authentic Italian pizza dough using only the finest “00” flour, imported from Naples, Italy.

Authentic Italian pizza flour

We use Imported Caputo “00” flour to make our authentic Italian Pizza

Gio Italian Grill uses only Italian tipo “00” flour, also called doppio zero flour, to make our pizza dough. Why? Because you need real Italian flour to make authentic Italian pizza. In the US, flours are categorized by how much protein they contain. In Italy, they are categorized based on how finely they are ground. “2” flour, which is coarsely ground, is at one end of the continuum, and “00” flour, which is powder-fine, is at the other end. The “00” flour we use to make our dough is the finest grind available, and gives our dough an incredible super-smooth texture. In the United States, fine grinds of flour, like cake and pastry flours, tend to be low in protein. The Italian “00” flour that we use, contains over 12% protein, much like all-purpose flour. This yields extremely workable dough that produces great crust with a thin layer of crispness, a nice airy hole structure, and just a bit of chewiness. Just like maestri pizzaioli the world over, Gio creates authentic Italian pizza using imported Caputo “00” Pizzeria flour to make all of our pizza dough. Caputo “00” Pizzeria flour is additive free and all natural. It is a proprietary blend of the best wheat available on the global market. If you want to try authentic Italian pizza, made with dough just like they use in Italy, visit Gio Italian Grill today. We offer the basic Margherita, made with just sauce and cheese, as well as a wide variety of authentic toppings, or a choice of several Gio specialties. Gio Italian Grill: An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley  
Tony's Nonna taught him how to make authentic Italin meatballs

Nonna’s Meatballs

Who taught you to cook?? Was it your mom? Maybe your grandma – or Nonna if you’re Italian? She had all of the best recipes, and if you were good, maybe she let you hang around the kitchen while she cooked. If you were very good, maybe you got to sample a little bit of what she was cooking. If you were very lucky, she may have let you help make the meatballs! That is if you grew up in an Italian family! Everyone’s Nonna has her special recipe for meatballs. Tony’s Nonna made (and still makes) classic Italian polpettes (Sicilian for meatball). Nonna doesn’t use more than a handful of breadcrumbs in her meatballs, as many Americans do. Instead, they are made mostly of grated cheese and ground beef. Nonna makes a larger polpette, very moist and dense. If you were a smart kid, like Tony, you knew to hang around the kitchen when Nonna was cooking. If you stayed in the kitchen long enough, maybe she let you help mix the cheese into the meat. And maybe, just maybe, if you helped enough, you got to test the first meatball. That’s how most recipes were passed from generation to generation. Luckily for all of us, Tony must have helped out in the kitchen a lot because he got Nonna’s recipe for meatballs! If you want something special for dinner tonight, why not come to Gio for an order of Spaghetti & Nonna’s Meatballs? We make them just like Nonna did, but of course we add a small Gio twist! To finish them off, Tony’s bakes his polpettes in our Woodstone “open flame” oven.  

Fresh Basil Anyone?

Come enjoy our patio!

Come enjoy our patio!

There are a lot of reasons to love our patio; abundant sunshine, fresh air, great food, and how about the towers of fresh basil? Every summer, we take advantage of the warm weather to grow as much of this staple of Italian cuisine as we can. A few years ago, we found the perfect way to cultivate our crop; The Tower Garden. This wonder of hydroponics allows us to plant many plants in a relatively small space. You can grow almost anything in it, but we grow nothing but basil. Why? Because we use this fragrant herb in so many our authentic Italian dishes, as well as using basil oil to garnish our plates.

About Basil

Sweet basil, or Ocimum basilicum, comes from the Greek word “basileus”, which means king. Although most people equate basil with Italy, it originated in India, and was brought to Italy via the spice route during ancient times. It quickly became an integral seasoning in Italian cuisine. So much so that for many Italians, basil became a symbol of love. Word has it that is an Italian woman placed a sprig of basil on her balcony, her beau knew that he could call that evening. Sweet Basil and its close relative, basilico genovese, are the only varieties used in Italian as the others tend more toward a minty flavor. Sweet basil’s flavor is often described as spicy and peppery, with a hint of clove and mint. Its flavor pairs well with: olive oil, garlic, lemon, rosemary and thyme – and of course, tomatoes and pasta dishes.

What’s Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only, or in an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. Hydroponics has proven to have several advantages over soil gardening. The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions. The yield of the plant is also greater.

Want to Grow a Hydroponic Garden?

Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—just about any relatively sunny place outside. It can also be used indoors with a grow light. You can grow your own fresh veggies all year long! It interested, get in touch with Pat Sullivan at Juice Plus (

Dessert at Gio — A Delicious Taste of Italy

In Italy, the meal isn’t over until something dolce (sweet) is enjoyed.

Gio also offers Longacre's ice cream for dessert

Gio also offers Longacre’s ice cream for dessert

At Gio Italian Grill, we make all of our desserts right here, in our kitchen. We use only the finest, freshest ingredients. And, like the rest of our menu, we follow Italian tradition, but we add our unique Gio twist!

Our Desserts

Chocolate Fudge Cake – The soft chocolate center and rich cake will melt in your mouth. Our warm Chocolate Fudge Cake is served with fresh, homemade whipped cream and strawberry puree. Nutella Pizza – A Gio Original! Chocolate hazelnut spread on fresh baked pizza crust… topped with fresh fruit of the day. This dessert is perfect for sharing! Lemon Panna Cotta – Creamy custard with hints of lemon and vanilla bean. A must have! Tiramisu – Made with espresso and dark rum-soaked lady fingers and sweetened mascarpone Zabaglione – With fresh berries—sweet Italian pudding Cannoli – Classic Sicilian pastry filled with sweet ricotta

The Origins of Our Classic Italian Desserts

Many of our desserts have their roots in classic, even ancient Italy. As Italians, we grew up with these desserts and we love to share them with our guests. Learn more about what makes them so special…and classic! Lemon Panna Cotta – Panna Cotta, Italian for cooked cream, is a classic Italian dessert. This elegant, softly set custard is smooth as silk with a hint of lemon and vanilla bean. Panna Cotta is made by blending thick cream, egg white, and sometimes honey. Then, the mixture is baked in a bain-marie — or water bath — in a low oven. Panna Cotta is believed to have originated in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont although it is eaten all over Italy. It is unknown exactly how or when this dessert came to be, but some stories suggest that cream, for which mountainous Northern Italy is famous, was historically eaten plain or sweetened with fruit or hazelnuts.   Tiramisu – Tiramisu, meaning “pick me up” or “lift me up” is another classic Italian dessert. Traditionally, it is made of ladyfingers (Italian: Savoiardi) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa. Most accounts of the origin of tiramisu date its invention to the 1960s in the region of Veneto, Italy, at the restaurant “Le Beccherie” in Treviso, Italy. Gio  makes Tiramisu with espresso and dark rum-soaked lady fingers and sweetened mascarpone cheese.

Zabaglione for dessert — the perfect way to end dinner at Gio

Zabaglione – Zabaglione is a simple Italian dessert traditionally made with egg yolks, sugar, and sometimes Marsala wine. Some say that Zabaglione was invented in the 16th Century in Florence, Italy in the court of the Medici. It is classified as a “caudle” (a sauce used to fill pies or tarts) rather than a custard. The original pre-sixteenth-century version of zabaglione was a drink made from or wine or ale thickened with egg yolks. Cannoli – Another classic Italian dessert! Cannoli originated in Sicily and are still an essential part of Sicilian cuisine. The singular of cannoli is cannolo, meaning “little tube”. Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy ricotta cheese mixture. Cannoli originally come from the Palermo and Messina areas and were historically prepared as treats during Carnevale. Cannoli can be traced back to the Arabs during the Emirate of Sicily, an Islamic state which existed from 831 to 1072. Initially, they were deep fried dough tubes filled with various sweets, which were a popular pastry across the Islamic world, from Al-Andalus to Iraq, including Sicily. The dessert eventually became a year-round staple throughout Italy.

The Gio Children’s Menu

Ordering something for your kids that they will enjoy and you will feel good about can sometimes be a challenge, but not at Gio. We offer children a variety of options that are not just kid-friendly, they are also real, good dishes that most parents would happily eat! From the penne marinara to our spaghetti with Nonna’s (Tony’s grandmother) Meatballs to our 9” Margherita Pizza, all of our kid’s menu items are prepared with the same fresh, authentic ingredients and care that goes into making anything on our menu. We believe that children should enjoy the same level of quality food that their parents expect, just in a smaller portion.
Gio is Sammie’s favorite pizza now. We were there Tuesday night…do you think she’d share? No! She ate the whole thing herself! What can I say? The kid knows good food! —Sammie’s mom, Kim
Depending on your child’s palette and appetite, there are also several items on our Antipasti menu that might make great choices for the little foodie in your family; fried calamari with marinara sauce, mussels steamed in a pancetta, shallot and Peroni broth, or sautéed shrimp, lemon garlic herb butter, arugula and Italian bread to name a few. So don’t worry about finding something just right for the smaller members of your family at Gio Italian Grill! zach_pizza

Our Kids Menu

    • Kid's Entrees

    • Penne with Butter or Marinara

    • Bowtie with Parmesan Cream Sauce

    • Chicken Strips with Steak Fries

    • Grilled Chicken with Steak Fries

    • Cheese Ravioli Marinara

    • Spaghetti with Nonna’s Meatballs

    • 9” Margherita Pizza

    • Mozzarella Sticks

      Mozzarella Sticks


      Fried mozzarella served with marinara sauce.

  Gio Italian Grill: An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley

Restaurant Week Menu

Please join us for East Penn Restaurant Week 4 courses $30 PP (not including alcohol, tax and gratuity) Please choose one item from each course APPETIZERS SOUP OF THE DAY- please ask your server ARTICHOKE, MOZZARELLA BRUSHETTA- with homemade crostini FRIED CALAMARI- with marinara sauce SAUSAGE STUFFED MUSHROOMS- side of zesty tomato sauce   SALAD HOUSE SALAD- romaine lettuce, tomato, and onion choice of 4 homemade dressings **Creamy poppy seed, balsamic, lemon vinaigrette, strawberry white balsamic   ENTREES PENNE VODKA -Creamy blush sauce with prosciutto, shallots & peas CHICKEN ITALIANO- Sautéed with prosciutto, asparagus, sundried tomatoes in light garlic sauce served with Tuscan fries or penne marinara SALMON – Grilled and served with sautéed spinach & balsamic glaze GIO SCAMPI – Shrimp, artichokes, tomatoes, arugula, lemon, garlic, butter, white wine sauce over linguini 9” OPEN FLAME GIOVANNA PIZZA– Salami picante, homemade sausage, hot peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil HOMEMADE SAUSAGE & BEEF LASAGNA-Layers and layers of cheese, zesty marinara   DESSERTS TIRAMISU-made with espresso & dark rum soaked lady fingers & sweetened mascarpone ZABAGLIONEsweet Italian pudding with berries CANNOLIclassic Sicilian pastry filled with sweet ricotta

World Nutella Day is Back!!!


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH, 2017, 5pm-9:30pm

Reservations recommended: 610-966-9446 Back by popular demand! Gio will be celebrating World Nutella Day on February 9th from 5PM-9:30PM. Nutella (pronounced “new-tell-uh”) is a tasty, unique spread made from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives. Our chef’s have created unique, homemade items to celebrate World Nutella Day. Nutella is one of Italy’s most cherished items for adults and children.
Speciality items featured for Thursday, February 9, 2017, 5pm-9:30pm in addition to our regular menu:

We’re Celebrating Our Anniversary by Giving YOU a Gift!

It’s our Anniversary! Gio Italian Grill has been serving the Lehigh Valley for nine years! And we are celebrating by giving YOU a gift…or two or three. Thanks to you, we are celebrating our ninth outstanding year of serving authentic Italian cuisine, unique cocktails, and decadent desserts! And thanks to you, we are celebrating our ninth year of welcoming friends and neighbors for real open-flame pizza, made with imported flour and San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and NO sugar added! YUM! And thanks to you, our loyal customers, we are celebrating our ninth year of creating exciting, gourmet specials with a unique Gio twist. So thank you! Thank you for sharing none years of authentic great food and great friends with us! To celebrate, we will be giving YOU a gift. Once again, for every visit you make Monday-Thursday this April, you will receive a sealed envelope* with a special offer inside which is redeemable in May. Best of all, every envelope is a winner! Here’s a list of some of the prizes…
  • Gift Cards for $100, $50, $25
  • VIP Pass- 10 or 15 % off every bill valid May & June
  • 1/2 price bottle wine
  • A pizza a month for nine months.
  • Mini cannoli
  • Free dessert
  • Free Soda, coffee or tea
  • Free Cappucino or espresso
  • Free side dish
  • and many more…
We look forward to serving you this April and all year! Thank you again!   *Envelopes cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be used on holidays. One envelope per table, per visit Monday-Thursday during April 2016. Upon your next visit in May bring your sealed envelope to redeem the prize. Envelopes are invalid if not opened at Gio by May 31, 2016. Envelopes expire May 31, 2016 with the exception of lunch, 1/2 price wine, and VIP pass offers.

Gio Will Be Open on February 14th. Come Be Our Valentine!

Most people agree that Italians are in love with love, so no one should be surprised that we LOVE Valentine’s Day. That’s why, even though Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, we will be open and ready to welcome you! That’s right! We will be here at Gio Italian Grill, celebrating love with our famous open-flame pizzas and array of amore-inspired cocktails. We are also adding several luscious Valentine’s Day specials to our regular menu, including chilled strawberry soup, clams casino, super lump crab cakes and sweet mascarpone with brandy soaked strawberries.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

To ensure your evening is as romantic as possible, here are a few phrases to whisper between bites… Buon San Valentino, Amore Mio = Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love Amo te oggi e sempre. Buon San Valentino = I love you today and forever. Happy Valentine’s Day Con te ogni giorno è San Valentino … Grazie Amore = Everyday with you is St. Valentine’s Day … Thank you Love

A Special Menu Just for Lovers

  • STRAWBERRY MIMOSA-Sparkling white wine, strawberry rum 8.5
  • COCOTELLA TINI- Coconut vodka, Frangelico, Dorda chocolate liqueur 9.5
  • SOUPS (CUP 4.95/ BOWL 6.95)
  • CHILLED STRAWBERRY SOUP-Topped with fresh mint
  • CLAMS CASINO– Pancetta (bacon), peppers, onions 9.95
  • BAKED MAC & CHEESE– Roasted chicken, goat cheese, rosemary topped with breadcrumb 10.95
  • PROSCUITTO WRAPPED MELON-Balsamic vinegar, fresh mint 9.95
ENTREES* *Served with house salad and Italian bread
  • SUPER LUMP CRAB CAKES– Served with garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetable ribbons, and garlic aioli 26.95
  • HONEY GLAZED PORK LOIN-Au gratin potatoes, grilled asparagus 19.95
  • MONKFISH– Fingerling potatoes, sautéed spinach, herb butter 24.95

Come celebrate la Festa di San Valentino with Gio!