The Gio Children’s Menu

Ordering something for your kids that they will enjoy and you will feel good about can sometimes be a challenge, but not at Gio. We offer children a variety of options that are not just kid-friendly, they are also real, good dishes that most parents would happily eat! From the penne marinara to our spaghetti with Nonna’s (Tony’s grandmother) Meatballs to our 9” Margherita Pizza, all of our kid’s menu items are prepared with the same fresh, authentic ingredients and care that goes into making anything on our menu. We believe that children should enjoy the same level of quality food that their parents expect, just in a smaller portion.
Gio is Sammie’s favorite pizza now. We were there Tuesday night…do you think she’d share? No! She ate the whole thing herself! What can I say? The kid knows good food! —Sammie’s mom, Kim
Depending on your child’s palette and appetite, there are also several items on our Antipasti menu that might make great choices for the little foodie in your family; fried calamari with marinara sauce, mussels steamed in a pancetta, shallot and Peroni broth, or sautéed shrimp, lemon garlic herb butter, arugula and Italian bread to name a few. So don’t worry about finding something just right for the smaller members of your family at Gio Italian Grill! zach_pizza

Our Kids Menu

    • Kid's Entrees

    • Penne with Butter or Marinara

    • Bowtie with Parmesan Cream Sauce

    • Chicken Strips with Steak Fries

    • Grilled Chicken with Steak Fries

    • Cheese Ravioli Marinara

    • Spaghetti with Nonna’s Meatballs

    • 9” Margherita Pizza

    • Mozzarella Sticks

      Mozzarella Sticks


      Fried mozzarella served with marinara sauce.

  Gio Italian Grill: An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley
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