Authentic Italian pizza dough

Authentic Italian Pizza Made with Imported 00 Flour

We make authentic Italian pizza dough using only the finest “00” flour, imported from Naples, Italy.

Authentic Italian pizza flour

We use Imported Caputo “00” flour to make our authentic Italian Pizza

Gio Italian Grill uses only Italian tipo “00” flour, also called doppio zero flour, to make our pizza dough. Why? Because you need real Italian flour to make authentic Italian pizza. In the US, flours are categorized by how much protein they contain. In Italy, they are categorized based on how finely they are ground. “2” flour, which is coarsely ground, is at one end of the continuum, and “00” flour, which is powder-fine, is at the other end. The “00” flour we use to make our dough is the finest grind available, and gives our dough an incredible super-smooth texture. In the United States, fine grinds of flour, like cake and pastry flours, tend to be low in protein. The Italian “00” flour that we use, contains over 12% protein, much like all-purpose flour. This yields extremely workable dough that produces great crust with a thin layer of crispness, a nice airy hole structure, and just a bit of chewiness. Just like maestri pizzaioli the world over, Gio creates authentic Italian pizza using imported Caputo “00” Pizzeria flour to make all of our pizza dough. Caputo “00” Pizzeria flour is additive free and all natural. It is a proprietary blend of the best wheat available on the global market. If you want to try authentic Italian pizza, made with dough just like they use in Italy, visit Gio Italian Grill today. We offer the basic Margherita, made with just sauce and cheese, as well as a wide variety of authentic toppings, or a choice of several Gio specialties. Gio Italian Grill: An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley  
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