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Prohibition may have ended in 1933, but prohibition-style cocktails are making a comeback. In 1919, the US government created a law, which criminalized the manufacture and sale of alcohol for 13 very — very— long years. Prohibition resulted in a stratospheric rise of bootlegging and some very innovative new cocktails. To mask the unpleasant taste of bootlegged spirits, Prohibition-era bartenders were required to get a bit creative. They mixed in sweeteners, bitters and other flavor-enhancers, and a world of new cocktails was born. Some of these cocktails have fallen by the wayside. Others have stepped back into the spotlight, thanks to a recent rise in speakeasy-style bars across the world. Gio is embracing this new fad in mixology with our own Prohibition-style Italian Martini, La Cola Nostra, unique cocktail that celebrates the sweet and bitter combination of flavors that characterized jazz-era cocktails. La Cola Nostra (Italian prohibition-style martini) Amaro Averna, Gosling’s Black Rum, lemon, lime, simple syrup, sparkling wine

Summer Cocktails

To celebrate Summer, we also added a few more fun and refreshing cocktails to our menu…Salute ! Tropical Shandy Peroni Italian pilsner with OR-G tropical liqueur in a highball Pomegranite-Cinnamon Margarita Cuervo Cinge, PAMA, lime, sours in a highball Coco-tini Pearl coconut vodka, DORDA double chocolate liqueur St-Germaine Cocktail for 2 Sparkling white wine, St. Germaine Elderflower, club soda, lemon wedge in a mini carafe