best pizza in the lehigh valley

Voted Best Pizza in the Lehigh Valley – AGAIN!

You voted us the best pizza in the Lehigh Valley!

Thank you! For the third consecutive year, Gio Italian Grill won the Lehigh Valley Style’s Decadent Dish award for Favorite Gourmet Pizza! Thank you for voting for us! Once again, you have told us that we make the best pizza in the Lehigh Valley! Gio Italian Grill - Best Pizza in the Lehigh Valley

Why We Make the Best Pizza in the Lehigh Valley

We pride ourselves on serving authentic, open-flame pizza made with the finest, freshest ingredients. We follow the Italian tradition of great pizza making. All of our pizza is hand tossed and baked in an authentic Woodstone “open flame” hearth at 600 degrees. Our dough is made from  “00” flour, imported from Italy. Our Margherita (Gio’s plain pizza) is topped with San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Pecorino Romano cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt and basil. We proudly do not add sugar to our sauce or dough. Along with our original Margherita, we offer a variety of toppings including salami picante, homemade sausage, wild mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, Kalamata olives, Caramelized Onions, and our own Nonna’s meatballs.  If you really want something wonderful, try one of our  specialty pizzas like the Giovanna (salami picante, homemade sausage, hot peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil), the Campania (goat cheese, pear, extra virgin olive oil & arugula) or the Tonino (ricotta cheese, spinach, red onion, pancetta & extra virgin olive oil) Gio brings a taste of real authentic Italian pizza to the Lehigh Valley. If you haven’t tried one of  Gio’s famous pizzas, order one today! We serve fresh, hot pizza, right out of the “open flame” oven during lunch and dinner. Our pizza is also available for take-out. Just give us a call and we’ll have one ready for you. An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley

Gio’s Nutella Pizza Featured in Lehigh Valley Style

Nutella pizza

Nutella pizza is the perfect finish for dinner at Gio

It’s a little different. It’s a lot delicious. And it was featured in the March 2014 issue of Lehigh Valley Style! Have you tried our Nutella Pizza yet? Here’s what LV Style has to say about this unique and decadent dessert:
When the moon hits your eye like a big Nutella pizza pie, that’s amore. Wait…what? Okay, so maybe Dean Martin never sang about this particular kind of pizza, but who says you can’t have pizza for dessert? Certainly not Giovanna DiMaio. As co-owner of the sleek GIO Italian Grill, she knows a thing or two about pizza—even those not of the savory variety. Though the Macungie restaurant is known for its authentic approach to rustic Italian cooking (not to mention its artisanal pizzas), the custom-built open-hearth brick oven responsible for churning out crisp, perfectly baked pies is also the birthplace of the popular Nutella pizza. The cracker-thin crust is covered with a generous smear of the cocoa-tinged hazelnut spread and orange slices—to perhaps off-set the guilt of this decadent indulgence.
We hope you’ll drop in and try it out for yourself. Paired with a cappuccino or one of Gio’s specialty after-dinner cocktails, Nutella pizza is sure to be the perfect finish to your evening! An authentic taste of Italy in the Lehigh Valley